This video features Milwaukee lawyer Tim Schelwat, who discusses the unique culture at Hupy and Abraham and how that culture benefits those who have been injured in an accident.

Tim became a lawyer to help people. He currently focuses on helping those who have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, automobile accident or slip-and-fall.

He enjoys taking situations where people may have been injured, by no fault of their own, and helping them deal with multi-billion dollar insurance entities that may appear to have the upper hand concerning their injuries. That is why he enjoys working at Hupy and Abraham

At Hupy and Abraham, we hold insurance companies accountable and make sure that the compensation they pay on behalf of their clients’ negligence is fair and reasonable.  

Hupy and Abraham has a great group of people who work well together. Our team works as a cohesive unit—all for the benefit of our clients. 

If you have been injured in an accident, just know that our team is committed to getting your claim resolved to your satisfaction. We will work hard to get you everything you deserve from the appropriate insurance companies.

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