Hupy and Abraham Employee Leiah gives us an inside look at the 2019 Lake County Fair!

00:08: (Leiah) Hi, I am Leiah Kellbah and I am the lead legal assistant here in Illinois out of the Gurnee office, and this weekend we are at the Lake County Fair.  This is the Hupy and Abraham booth where we are giving t-shirts out to people who sign up for our newsletter, and free safety information like bumper stickers, and information on what they need to do if they are in an accident.

00:31 (Leiah) There is a lot of people around, good food, and there is a lot of rides, and the animals.  A lot of 4-H activities for the kids and the whole family.  It looks like everyone is having a really good time.

00:45: (Leiah) There has been a lot of the Gurnee staff here during the week staffing the table.  Everybody has had a really good time meeting everyone and we are looking forward to coming back next year.