Hupy and Abraham, S.C. employees brought gifts to the owner of the Habitat for Humanity home that the firm helped to build.

00:04 – Jason Abraham: Jason Abraham, Managing Partner of Hupy and Abraham, I’m excited to be here again with Dawn. We’re in her new home. Dawn, you closed on this house, didn’t you?

00:11 – Dawn Lhuillier: Absolutely. On the 31st of January.

00:14 – Jason Abraham: That’s so exciting. When are you planning on moving in to this beautiful place?

00:16 – Dawn Lhuillier: I am slowly going to start moving things in. We’re just going to get things set up for Myah before I actually get settled into the house. So, I’m fortunate enough to be living with my mom right now so I can take my time getting everything set up for her.

00:29 – Jason Abraham: Well I was excited to hear that we actually had 48 employees and they were here over 320 hours to help you with this beautiful home. It’s turned out amazing. Thanks for the tour today. Our employees were also so excited for your new home today that they brought a bunch of gifts, so we just cannot tell you how proud we are of you and all that you’ve done and how excited we are for your new home and it just looks amazing.

00:52 – Dawn Lhuillier: Thank you and I just want to tell all of your employees thank you so much. It means so much to me and even Myah will appreciate everything once we’re in here and I can’t thank everybody enough. It’s very touching that you guys helped build this house. We’re going to make it our home.

01:09 – Jason Abraham: Well we are so happy and congratulations.

01:12 – Dawn Lhuillier: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.