“I’m really proud of a case I worked on a number of years ago for a motorcycle accident victim in which the insurance company was saying ‘We’re not going to pay you, because you were not wearing a helmet.’

At the time of the accident, the Wisconsin Supreme Court came down with a decision saying that if you were not wearing a helmet, that could affect your recovery even though there is no helmet law in Wisconsin. 

We thought that was wrong, we didn’t agree with it. We decided to go to Madison to try to change the law. Thankfully, we were able to change that law so the insurance company would not be able to use that against an injured rider who did nothing wrong to cause the accident.

As a result of that changed law, I’m proud to say that I was able to get that client well over a million dollar, to not only compensate him for his injuries, but also compensate him for the future medical treatment he would need.

His family is very happy they hired Hupy and Abraham, you should too!