There’s one case I worked on, that really stands out in my mind. I represented a young girl who was a junior in high school.  She was driving to get a pair of shoes after school, and was hit by a drunk driver, in the middle of the afternoon. The damage to her vehicle was so severe that she had to be cut out of the car. 

Unfortunately, she lost her leg in this accident. Her family came to me immediately, wanting me to make a difference, and I knew I could make a difference for her. I got her all the compensation I possibly could, based on all the available insurance, and the assets of the other driver. 

Even after handling her case, I’m still in contact with her. I attended her high school graduation and saw her graduate from college. When milestones happen in her life, she still calls me. I’m proud to continue to sponsor her wheelchair basketball team. A

lthough I represented her, and finished her case a number of years ago, she is still important to me and I will always be there for her.

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