Hupy and Abraham, S.C. client Alphonso James talks about what it was like working with the firm after his accident. 

“Vehicle hit me parked from behind. It prevented me from working for awhile and in fact doing things I love doing. As a result of that, I continue to this day to have pain. My first contact with Hupy and Abraham were through a investigator. It just so happens I went to the hospital and on the television I saw them and I was alike well these are ideal people for me. This guy came to the house and he treated me like I was the main focal of his attention and then he also encouraged me, “well you’re in good hands right now and we just want you to sit back, don’t be stressing, continue to do your daily responsibilities and we assure you there will be some resolve.” And once I met the attorney, they gave us everything we wanted! As far as the information at our first meeting.  They also gave us great assurance that we are in great hands. The settlement was incredible. I had no, we didn’t expect to get that much. The number that he was talking about the exactly the amount we needed to get back on our feet again. So this settlement, it happened fast, it came quick and they were really thorough about everything. They made sure we were in the loop. If we had any questions or concerns they were willing to sit down and speak with us whenever we needed. Hupy & Abraham, they’re the best. If you want results, and if you want results fast, they are the ones to see. And I am more than satisfied with our results.”