When choosing a law firm to handle your case and fight for your fair recovery, you should find out what the law firm stands for, what their reputation is like, and whether or not they help the public. In this video, Rich Kuchenbecker, accident investigator for Hupy and Abraham, explains how the firm is very involved in the community.

Many law firms talk a good game, but they don’t walk the walk. However, Hupy and Abraham do both. Not only do the personal injury lawyers at Hupy and Abraham talk about public safety, but the law firm has taken it to the next level. Hupy and Abraham has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the “Watch for Motorcycles”, “Yield to Pedestrians” and “DNT TXT N DRV” awareness campaigns to reduce accidents in the Midwest and save lives.

To work with a law firm who gives back to the community and takes a stance on motor vehicle safety—helping make the roads and the community a better place—contact Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800.800.5678 or reach us online at