HeartLove Place Executive Director Viola Rembert gives us an overview of the annual Back to School Rally that the organization puts on. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has been a proud supporter of the event for many years.

00:05: (Viola) Heartlove place is a nonprofit, Christian Ministry.  We have been around for 30 years.  Today is our 19th annual Back to School Family Rally.  We are giving out school supplies to children in need, we have community booths, we have entertainment, we have healthy snacks.  Our theme this year is “Going back to school well”.  We also have about 300 people come through today.  We find that this meets a need, it helps parents out.  They don’t have to stress out about finding school supplies.  They can come here and get book bags and school supplies for their kids.

00:39 (Viola) An important part of what we do is introducing the community to different community resources.  So that’s what we do, is opening it up to different community booths to come in and share their resources.  Thank you all for your support, we appreciate you!