Attorney Jason Abraham interviews Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha CEO Michael Crowley about the organization, its local efforts and the selection process to find homeowners.

00:08: (Jason) Hi, Jason Abraham, managing partner of Hupy and Abraham and I have the pleasure of being with Mike Crowley, the CEO of Habitat Waukesha.  Tell us what we’re doing here today, Mike.

00:17: (Mike) Well, today Hupy and Abraham is here with a group of volunteers that will work on a ranch home that we are building for Dawn and her family.  Dawn’s daughter, Maya, has special needs and needs a wheelchair.  So, this home is a ranch that has some wider hallways, wider bathroom, and will help assist her in finding a great, new, affordable home.

00:42: (Jason) We love getting involved with Habitat, this isn’t the first time we’ve done it.  Tell us about Habitat Waukesha, what are you doing here in the community?

00:50 (Mike) Well, Habitat of Waukesha County is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  So, 30 years of building homes in Waukesha County.  Many of our homes have been built in the city of Waukesha, where we are today.  This home is part of a neighborhood that’s been revitalized; White Rock Avenue is a gateway into the city of Waukesha.

1:10: (Jason) And tell us about the selection process.  How does somebody get selected to have a wonderful home like this?

1:15: (Mike) It’s an extensive process that can take several years.  Our primary goal is to find a family that has a need.  So, living in cramped quarters.  Many family members need to have a full time job, go through the family selection process of interviews and education of being a home owner.  Then finally, being able to pay a mortgage.

1:39: (Jason) We are so grateful for all you do in Waukesha County.  You should be so proud.  The house looks amazing right now, we can’t wait to work on it, and see what it looks like at the end.  So, thanks so much.

1:48: (Mike) Very good.  Thank you, Jason.