One of my favorite hobbies is riding my motorcycle. Whether it’s riding locally in Wisconsin, or taking cross-country trips to Sturgis, I look forward to getting out there on the open road. As riders, we have enough to worry about with all the distracted drivers out there. Making sure your bike is in top riding condition can help you stay safe and give your full attention to the road.

Before I head out on my bike, I always check these important things … You want to look around your bike for anything that may be cracked or might have come loose. This includes your levers and pedals, as well as all your wiring. Make sure everything is where it should be, and if it isn’t, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Inspecting your kickstand is important too, since you don’t want your bike to fall over. Hupy and Abraham has these convenient kickstand coasters for when you need to park your bike on grassy surfaces or asphalt that may contort due to heat. I always like to check my mirrors too, making sure they’re not loose and there are not any cracks on them. Checking that all your lights are working is very important because it helps you be seen.

Make sure the headlights on your bike, as well as the turn signals and brake lights, are all working correctly. Making sure your tires are in good condition is key because a tire blowout can cause a serious crash and injuries. Check that your tires are at the recommended pressure for your bike. Also, look at your tire’s tread and inspect for any unusual wear. Get your tires replaced right away if there are any problems. I also like to check my wheels to make sure they are in good condition, and while you’re down there, you can look at your brake pads to see if they need to be replaced.

Checking your fluid and oil levels is very important, especially if you’re taking your bike out after it has been sitting for a while. A lot of people forget, but if you’re wearing protective gear, you should always give that a look over as well. If you choose to wear a helmet, make sure it’s free of cracks or other wear that might affect its effectiveness. Lastly, it may seem like common sense, but always check your fuel levels before you head out on a trip! Making sure your bike is in riding condition only takes a few minutes, but it could save your life.

If you need help making sure your bike is ready for the road, take it to a professional who can look it over for you. At Hupy and Abraham, we have many employees who love to ride and we’re always here to help our fellow riders. If you’ve been injured while on your motorcycle, call us right away at 800-800-5678. We’ve helped over 70,000 clients receive over one billion dollars for their injuries. Have a safe ride and remind everyone to Watch for Motorcycles.