Attorney Jason Abraham gives us our first look at the Hupy and Abraham Habitat for Humanity house. Firm employees are volunteering their time to help build the house through October 2019.

00:05: (Jason) Hi, Jason Abraham from Hupy and Abraham.  I’m here today at Habitat for Humanity in Waukesha.  We’re at the Hupy and Abraham House.  We are so excited to be here.  We have employees installing windows.  I had the opportunity to meet the homeowner, Dawn.  She is so amazing, what a great story.  Her family sounds fabulous.  This house is going to be life changing for her.  We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of employees who want to give back.  And just being here to work on the house.  So we are excited to see the transition, we are excited to see the home be done in October.  Thanks to all the employees for making this happen.