Attorney Jason Abraham interviews contest winner Mi’Quel about his meet and greet with Green Bay Packers player Donald Driver!

00:05: (Jason) Hi, Jason Abraham here with Mi’Quel at Donald Driver’s charity softball event.  Are you having fun?

00:11: (Mi’Quel) Uh, yes

00:12: (Jason) Tell us what you’re doing here today.

00:13: (Mi’Quel) I am meeting Donald Driver.  Like right now, today.

00:20: (Jason) On the field! Can you believe it?

00:21 (Mi’Quel) I know right?

00:22: (Jason) And it’s a beautiful day.  You love Donald.  Was he one of your favorite players on the Packers?

00:24: (Mi’Quel) Uh, yes

00:25: (Jason) He is a great guy, right?  You will get to meet him in a second, and he is excited he gets to meet you.  And we are so happy to meet you, so thanks for coming.

00:30 (Mi’Quel) Thank you so much.

00:33 (Jason) Our pleasure.