Hupy and Abraham is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Donald Driver Charity Softball Game. In this video, Jason Abraham talks to Donald Driver about the event and how it helps those in need.

00:05:(Jason) Hi, Jason Abraham here at the Donald Driver charity softball game. I am so excited to be here today.  It is a beautiful day for a great cause.  We have our employees out here for a summer picnic, we have a contest winner, and it is really just a great day to be with Donald and see what he does giving back to the community.  A lot of former sports people here, actors, singers.  And it’s just really an exciting time to embrace Donald, and all he has done to make this community a great place.

00:34: (Jason) Donald what are we doing here today?

00:35: (Donald) We are raising money for a great cause, the Donald Driver Foundation.  It is all about touching lives, impacting lives.  So, it’s been this big thing and I couldn’t do it without your support, and I love you to death.

00:44: (Jason) And I love you too.  You’re such a great person and do so much to make the community better.  We are so lucky that you still build ties to these communities.  Thank you so much buddy.

00:54: (Donald) I love you; I love him, I love it all!