Hupy and Abraham, S.C. client Carla Fitzgerald talks about her unique service animal, Daniel the Duck. 

Carla Fitzgerald 00:00: “I got Daniel when he was two days old. After my accident he was very helpful in my healing process, by comforting me when I was in my first pain. In addition to my injuries, I also have PTSD. And Daniel knows when I’m going to have a PTSD related meltdown and he stops it. Daniel helps me usually be redirecting me, he will ask me to tickle him or he will step on my foot and quack loudly to get my attention. Or he will give me the cue to lay down and he will be on top of me until it passes. I don’t drive anywhere without Daniel. I can’t go anywhere without Daniel because going in a vehicle is too frightening to me and being in public is too frightening to me. When you have PTSD especially from a vehicle accident, every vehicle is scary because every single vehicle is going to hit you. You’re convinced. Daniel does help to redirect and make life way easier. He is the first of his kind. Yes he is. Yes. I’m a I’m a carriage driver, well I was. A driver who was texting hit the back of my carriage. It took a good fourth months to  reteach me how to walk again because my brain was not communicating with my right leg and it took apart of a year to get me to use my left arm again and to get that feeling back. I have permanent danger. I called Hupy & Abraham after my accident because something about them, they seemed very friendly and they were. Everyone from the beginning were very compassionate. You can call them anytime and anybody will talk to you. My questions were almost immediately answered. Whenever I called, if I couldn’t speak to someone immediately, someone would call me that day. They did everything they could to get me the most. My lawyer took a little bit of a loss so I can get more. I understand he did not have to do that but it is very much appreciated. Thank you thank you.”