Attorney Jason Abraham interviews Coach Rob Mendez about his 2019 ESPY Award, his high school football team and the 2019 Donald Driver Charity Softball Game.

00:05 (Jason) Hi coach, Jason Abraham from Hupy and Abraham. I am so excited to meet you here today. I am good friends with Donald.  We had been talking for a month or so about you and today is my day to meet you and hear your story. I am so excited.  Thanks for coming!

00:17: (Rob) Hey, thank you for having me.  It is so cool.  Everybody has been so kind here, especially in the whole state of Wisconsin.  I am just grateful to be here, I love it.

00:27: (Jason) So when you heard you were going to get an espy, tell us a little bit about that experience and what you thought.

00:32: (Rob) It almost was unbelievable.  It was so unreal.  I just couldn’t believe it.  In a million years I never would have thought I would be at the Bristol facility at the ESPN sports center.  Not only that, but how Jimmy told me he presented me in his office and told me that I would be receiving the Jimmy V award, and I broke down in tears.  It was very emotional for me.

00:53: (Jason) And your speech was fantastic, I loved it.

00:56: (Rob) It was so cool to see my idols and people I always watch football with.  It’s awesome, yeah.

1:01: (Jason) And I’ve watched all your stories, and tell us about football now.  You obviously love football, and tell us how you got excited about it, and tell us about coaching.

1:09: (Rob) Football has always been one of my passions in life.  I have always liked watching, you know, Steve Young and Terrell Owens and the Niners back in the day

1:17: (Jason) And they beat our Packers

1:19: (Rob) (Laugh) I realized that when I said T.O.  No, you know what though, I have had nothing but great experiences with Cheese Heads at the Canister park.  There’s some cool fans, they are pretty cool.  They know how to rouse you the right way is what I would say to that.

1:36: (Jason) And last but not least tell us about your kids this year, how are they going to do, tell me about the team. 

1:39: (Rob) The kids are looking good.  The best part about it is that I don’t have to urge them to get hungry this year.  They already know their expectations.  We are really trying to get the freshman on board with the sophomores, and the team is just meshing well. I am all about good people before good football players.  So, the freshman are learning little by little.  And I think we are going to have a really good season this year.  We grew from 24 to 52.

2:00 (Jason) Awesome.  Well we are so excited you’re here.  We are so grateful.  Thanks, so much for coming and supporting Donald in the mission there we are so lucky.

2:06: (Rob) Can I give you a fist bump?

2:08: (Jason) Sure can.  Enjoy the day.

2:09: (Rob) Appreciate it.  Thank you.