Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Marcus Ellis from Ohio's Terminal Speed about his custom Panhead he built for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee, WI.

Tony Pan 00:19: “Tony Pan Behind the Handlebars, I’m here with Marcus Ellis from Cleveland and he has a really cool looking 49 Panhead here. Tell us a little about your bike Marcus.”

Marcus Ellis 00:26: “I built this from scratch with my father. So I started with a basket case motor and got a frame in the front end and pretty much pieced the entire thing together. “

Tony Pan 00:40: “How long did it take you to frame that wishbone?”

Marcus Ellis: 00:46 “Not long, you got to pay to play but usually find one, needs a little bit of work and you can find a better deal on it.”

Tony Pan 00:54: “This is kind of style I like. My bike is a little bit shiner than this but not much, I like the rustic look to it.”

Marcus Ellis 01:02: “Yeah this is the second one that I did that is like the crusty look, I try to mix it up a little bit. Finishes are important to me, as long as it all looks cohesive you know.”

Tony Pan 01:12: “Did you antique the paint, frame, tank?”

Marcus Ellis 01:15: “Yeah it’s all new, its all basically faked you know. Dennis the kid that painted it is really is a wizard and that’s kind of his specialty is matching old paint. So if you touch it, it’s actually cracked paint not airbrushed. Kid’s really got it figured out so use old chrome parts to get the paint to match and it was fun. It was a lot of fun.”

Tony Pan 01:41: “I like the seat the solo seat and up seat, it’s a classic.”

Marcus Ellis 01:46: “Yeah the up seat was a fun one. The mufflers are from a  car and the I bought one at a SWAT meet years ago and just had it on a shelf and I didn’t know what it was. It looked cool with the squished end and I figured out what it was and then I had to track down the second one. So I cut the squished pipe out the front and welded it on like a slip on flange. And made slip on mufflers.

Tony Pan 02:12: “That’s nice, very nice.”

Marcus Ellis 02:13: “I don’t know if you’ll see another set.”

Tony Pan 02:15: “Is this your first time in Milwaukee?”

Marcus Ellis 02:16: “First time as a builder, I’ve been to the show before just as a spectator.”

Tony Pan 02:21: “Best of Luck. This is really cool looking Panhead, I’m a Panhead guy.”

Marcus Ellis 02:28: “Alright right now. Well thank you so much for you time.”

Tony Pan 02:30: “Tony Pan here with Marcus Ellis at the Mama Tried Show in Milwaukee, WI Behind the Handlebars.”