Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Hupy and Abraham, S.C. Partner Brandon Derry about the firm's involvement with the ride.

00:18 Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo: “Tony Pan here at Harley-Davidson of Madison and I’m here with Attorney Brandon Derry from our Madison office, and we’re here to participate in the Safe Harbor ride, something our firm’s been involved with for over a decade. Both of us have been riding in numerous events here for Safe Harbor. So Brandon, tell me a little about your experience with this ride and how you like it.”

00:39 Brandon Derry: “This is a ride that is near and dear to my heart. It’s for the Safe Harbor Children Advocacy Group. It’s a great organization, I couldn’t think of a better organization for our firm to get involved with. We’ve been involved with this for many years. It’s a ride that I’ve done many, many times. These are children that are victims of abuse, so if there’s any organization, anyone out there who’s thinking of getting involved with, this is perfect and I can think of a better day or a better thing to do than ride motorcycles, help children, hang out with coworkers like yourself and Josh Johnson. Great day, it’s an event that everybody should come out and partake in.”

1:11 Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo: “Yeah and it’s a good fit for our firm, even though we do personal injury this is still a legal issue that we’re dealing with this children and we’re here, as a law firm, we’re here to uphold and strengthen our laws as best we can, and to protect people, not only from injury but from abuse. So, this is a perfect fit for our firm.

1:30 Brandon Derry: “It is a perfect fit. I couldn’t be more proud of the organization that I work with. Hupy and Abraham has donated more than a million dollars to worthwhile organizations including this one. We’ve got the Watch for Motorcycles campaign as well which is an excellent, excellent message to send out. You know and I think our firm is very much involved in organizations like this, charity rides, go to our website, we’ve got a long list of motorcycle events, other charity rides that we’re involved with and please do.  I mean, this is a worthwhile cause. If you can’t make it out today, please go to their website and donate.”

2:02 Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo: “Well tighten your belt up a notch or two and get your gloves because we’re going to ride.”