Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Seven from the Road Runners MC about the 31st Annual Road Runners Bike Blessing. The yearly blessing takes place in Oak Creek, WI.


Tony Pan 00:19 “Alright Tony Pan Behind The Handlebars with Hupy and Abraham. We're at the 31st annual original Road Runners Bike Blessing. I'm here with Seven from the Road Runners. Seven, tell me a little bit about the bike blessing, a little bit of history and what you what you're looking at for today.”

Seven 00:34:  “Well this is an event that started out as an imitation believe it or not, of the blessing of the boats at a yacht club. And over the years has developed into an event that we were able to grow to the point where we use it to help support Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and provide a great time for thousands of bikers in southeastern Wisconsin. It's the last few years the popularity here is such that we are very happy to be able to accommodate with the legion posterior as many bikes as we do. Sometimes in the next in excess of 3 or 4 thousand bikes.”

Tony Pan 01:08: “Yeah I've been coming to this bike blessing almost since the beginning and never a problem always a good time and it's more of it's a celebration of motorcycling but it also does have a serious bike a blessing. So there's a little spiritual element too.”

Seven 01:21:  “We've had the same for the last 20 years of our 31 years, we have had the same ministers coming in from central Wisconsin. They used to live in the area but they have since retired and they keep coming back because they enjoy doing this event and these ministers have been with us and look forward to doing this each year. They think the crowd is great we think they're great and it's become kind of a tradition in this area to start the season off with a personalized blessing of your bike. These ministers each stop and give each person an individual blessing. It's not a massive group blessing so yeah.”

Tony Pan 01:55:  “I've been in that line waiting to get my bike blessed many times and it is a fun experience and it's a spiritual experience. Well I'm glad, good luck on the 31st. I hope you have thirty-one more while I'm still around, I don't know if I'll see 31 more but I'm gonna hang in there and do these every year because I never missed the bike blessing thanks a lot Tony Pan behind the handlebars.”