Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Charlie Brechtel about his new movie Rebel on the Highway at the Iron Horse Bike Night sponsored by Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

Tony Pan: “Tony Pan Rebe. We're here at the Iron Horse for behind handlebars interview I'm here with the star the writer art director main character in the movie Charlie Brechtel.”

Charlie Brechtel:  “I'm overall overwhelmed on all the people that came and everybody that's supporting a movie it's unbelievable here in Milwaukee. Milwaukee's got a lot of love for motorcycles and it's just amazing it really is we got a we got about a dozen cast and crew here I came in just for this book world premiere.”

Tony Pan: “You guys are gonna go back and show at Sacramento after this right”

Charlie: “Yes, Sacramento and then after that we're going to Louisiana”

Tony Pan: “Are you gonna make it to Moscow and Spain?’

Charlie: “Oh yeah we're showing it all everywhere that anybody that'll let us show it. We're showing it and it's all underground but it looks like it's coming from underground to a pretty cool movement. Well this has been a a whirlwind man I'm so I'm so honored to be a part of this this whole adventure, we've got some big names and the motorcycle community in this movie.”
Tony Pan:  “I don't know how you got all these people together in one room it's like herding cats but you did it.”

Charlie: “I think music started it cuz I play for everybody and I just started asking everybody to come be a part of this and it's amazing. All motorcycle people and some dynamite musicians it's kind of a hell of a soundtrack sure yeah it is it's just an overwhelming brother and I love you for hooking this up man.”

Tony Pan: “Well we're here at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee on September 14th the site of the best bike nights in Milwaukee. I tell ya folks you got to come see this movie it's it's preserving motorcycle history guys like this is in it my first freedom fighter ever going to Sturgis Hall of Fame aka God appreciate Charlie if you didn't if you can't see any movie watching the DVDs up beyond early next year I think yeah so don't even start in the next movie the rough boys rough boys is coming up stay tuned for that one - behind handlebars is over and out.”