Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Flat Out Friday Racer Bubba Boswell about his bike and racing team.

Tony Pan: “Tony Pan behind the Handlebars video with Hupy and Abraham. I’m here with Bubba Boswell from Boswells Harley Davidson in Nashville.” 

Bubba Boswell: “Hey man what’s up are you having a good time?” 

Tony Pan: “Yeah and you’re racing, you may be one of the older senior guys.”

Bubba Boswell: “Me and Tazmanian devil are racing tonight.”

Tony Pan: “In the hooligan race?”

Bubba Boswell: “Yeah, the hooligan race”

Tony Pan: “What are you riding today?”

Bubba Boswell: “I am XL $1200, its been modified a little bit. Its perfect for the old guy.”

Tony Pan: “Well you’re not that old.”

Bubba Boswell: “Well I’m 58”

Tony Pan: “That’s a kid”

Bubba Boswell: “I feel like a kid. I feel great.’’ 

Tony Pan: “My motorcycle is older than you”

Bubba Boswell: “Well that’s okay, there’s a lot of motorcycles older than me.”

Tony Pan: “And you got a whole team here right.”

Bubba Boswell: “Got a whole team, got five of us here. From the Hooligan program at our dealership. We started last year, its grown. We have 5 Harleys, we got three here in line, two on the other side. We are here to support the racing effort, and we are to promote Harley Davidson, and we are here to have a lot of fun.”

Tony Pan: “Well good Bubba, we wish you a lot of luck and I’ll be watching for ya.”

Bubba Boswell: “I’m number zero so you can’t miss me.”

Tony Pan: “Welcome to Milwaukee.”

Bubba Boswell: “ I’m glad to be here.”