Gina Woods: Hi, this is Gina Woods at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and man is it packed. You’re going to see motorcycles here. We’ve got apparel, we’ve got new products. So the International Motorcycle Show is really a great place for people to come out, get rid of that cabin fever, and meet and greet people. We’ve got a great broadcast here, Open Road Radio broadcast, sponsored by Hupy and Abraham.

Gina Woods: All weekend long, people have been coming over to the booth just to get the Watch for Motorcycles stickers. You know, the Watch for Motorcycles stickers are really important to keep the public aware, drivers aware. There’s a lot of distractions today and we want people to Watch for Motorcycles.

Pat McDorman: The stickers we’re giving away for Hupy, Watch for Motorcycles, this is really important here. You’ve got to get the word out and remind them that there are people on two wheels, you know, and just look, be aware of whats going on and if you get hit on a motorcycle you’re really going to get tore up and that’s why we have people like Hupy and Abraham to help us out with that.

Gina Woods: We can’t wait to come back next year to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show but in the meantime tune into Open Road Radio 1590 WCGO AM or on Facebook, Open Road Radio on Facebook, brought to you by Hupy and Abraham, thanks guys.