Motovid Track Day Staff Member Ike Ozurumba gives us an overview of Motovid, their track days and their partnership with Hupy and Abraham, S.C.

00:18 – Ike Ozurumba: Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Ike Ozurumba, I’m here at the Chicago International Motorcycle Show. We’re here with Motovid and we’re just seeing a bunch of awesome motorcycle enthusiasts and seeing who’s interested in doing some track days with Motovid. Motovid is a track day organization that has four different groups of skill levels that we can get you in on a track day to get out and practice things on your motorcycle that maybe you wouldn’t want to do on the street, learn your skills, get a little bit safer. You can even do coaching and work on advanced skills that way.

00:49 – Ike Ozurumba: We’re mainly, you’ll see us around at Blackhawk Farms, that’s a track in South Beloit, Illinois and we’ll also be at Road America. Well, part of the excitement is everyone here is into motorcycles and we love motorcycles, so seeing people from all walks of life coming in and appreciating motorcycles is amazing. And, even at this track day organization, sometimes people think it’s just sport bikes, but we get Harley guys and Goldwings that want to come out and practice and hit the track.

01:16 – Ike Ozurumba: Well, you really can’t go anywhere without seeing the Watch For Motorcycles stickers and as we all know, that’s actually from Hupy and Abraham and that’s a huge sponsor with Motovid and they’ve been sponsoring us for a long time and we’ve been partnering with them. It’s important to Watch For Motorcycles because, as we know, sometimes cars don’t see us and it’s important to be reminded that we are out there and we are trying to be safe and that’s what this is all about, is being safe and enjoying the sport. If you want to learn more, go to, check out the website and we can get you started with registering and you can learn more about the great partnerships and sponsors you have and get you going.