Ron "Rebel" Gasser gives a preview of what to expect at Waukesha's Motorcycle Madness Bike Night that takes place every Monday throughout the summer.

00:18 Ron “Rebel” Gasser: “We’re here at Behind the Handlebars, my name is Rebel. We’re here in Waukesha for the Motorcycle Madness Mondays Bike Night. It’s Waukesha’s original bike night. We are having a great time. Right now, on stage, is The Low Skies. We will be here every week, every Monday, starting this Monday through August 19th with live music, drink and food specials along with a lot of giveaways so come on out and check it out.”

00:46 Ron “Rebel” Gasser: We’re gearing up for a really good year, we’ve got plenty of room here to have bikes and vendors so come on out and spread the word. Thank you to Hupy and Abraham for sponsoring the band tonight. They’re here, they sponsor the whole entire bike night and we’re happy to have them and proud to have them. Come on out, check us out. Go on our Facebook page, Bikers That Care, or our website, like us, check us out. Also, check out and we will see you next week.”