Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Event Coordinator Ron Brefka about the 1st annual High Voltage Ice Races at Wilson Park in Milwaukee, WI.


Tony Pan 00:19 “Tony Pan from Hupy and Abraham, Behind The Handlebars. With me, I have Ron Brefka, at what would be the first annual…”

Ron Brefka 00:28: “The annual high voltage motorcycle ice races at Wilson Park in Milwaukee. It's been over 30 years since we had ice racing here, on the lagoon, in the city, at Wilson Park.”

Tony Pan 00:39: “These are AMA sanctioned races?”

Ron 00:41: “These are AMA sanctioned races and everybody's having a great time out here today.”

Tony Pan 00:46: “What have we got an open amateur?”

Ron 00:49: “The classes include 50cc, seven years in under 65 to 85 CC, 14 years and under open amateur twins vintage and then we have plus 40 and then expert classes. So we have everyone from little kids to the old guys.”

Tony Pan 1:08:  “And I understand Mike Lange is here?”

Ron 1:12:  “Mike Lange is here, Mike Lange raced here in the 1980s. He has the very bike he raced here 31 years ago, he has it here today. Our official referee is Al Sumner, who also raised here in the 80s.”

Tony Pan 1:26 “This is going to be a fantastic time. I'm looking forward to it, the ice is solid, it couldn't have better conditions.”

Ron 1:30 “Great ice, it's nice sunny day we just got really lucky with the ice, it’s beautiful for the race. Racers love it and it's a beautiful sunny day, we got a huge crowd and it's just amazing that we were able to bring this back after 30 years.

Tony Pan 1:53  “Thanks for doing this run because I love ice racing and it’s easier to travel. Thanks Tony Pan.”