Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Hawke Lawshe from Vintage Technologies about his custom built 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead at the 2019 Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee, WI.

Tony Pan: “Behind the handlebars we are here with this really neat looking 46 knuckle. Could you tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you did with the bike?”

Hawke Lawshe: “Yeah, my name is Hawke Lawshe. I’m from northern Montana, from a shop called Vintage Technologies. This bike was conceptive from the show last year. We had a success, we were invited to build our first case. Best knucklehead at that show. Off Yokahana, Japan and now we are back in Milwaukee again, for a little rodeo, getting it a lil shined up for the day.

Tony Pan: “Were you here last year too?”

Hawke Lawshe: “No this is my first time out here.”

Tony Pan: “How do you like Milwaukee.”

Hawke Lawshe: “Oh, its nice, we were here for the 150th anniversary and we just fell in love with the city”

Tony Pan: “I’m a Pan head guy”

Hawke Lawshe: “Yeah yeah, I am too, every guy has to have a panhead am I right”

Tony Pan: “I haven’t seen everybody in the show yet but from what I can see this is the best knuckle in the show”

Hawke Lawshe: “Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it. We put in a lot of work in to it. Last one it’s going to be in for a few months so I’m excited to bring it home.”

Tony Pan: “Its engineered beautifully, I like the way your kicker looks, and your motor looks pristine and the frame is just out of the world.”

Hawke Lawshe: “Yeah, I hand bend all of this stuff with just a torch, I don’t really any fancy tools or anything elaborate like that.  I just spend a lot time, I rent a small two car garage with one lift in it.”

Tony Pan: “That’s the way to do it, old school. Bend it by hand.”

Hawke Lawshe: “Yeah, yup the old way.”

Tony Pan: “Yup, well its really good. Best of luck in the show today, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I really appreciate the snarkle.”

Hawke Lawshe: “Thanks for having me, I appreciate the sport.”

Tony Pan: “Thank you. Tony Pan here, behind the handlebars.”