Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo had the chance to get a first look at the new EBR motorcycles and also got to talk with Erik Buell himself!

Tony Pan 00:25: “Hey, it’s Tony Pan Behind the Handlebars with Hupy & Abraham here at the EBR Motorcycles Plant in East Troy, Wisconsin. New motorcycles are going back online, this is a production lane right here. First bike came online today, it’s a patriot model, there is only 5 of those made. First one going to a charity. And we are here to talk to Erik Buell.”

Erik Buell 00:48: “This was more about I don’t want to be arrogant about it, we are just proud of it. The guys who came up with that thing, they were like let’s do this. You know the people kept America free and independent, you know the cool part of American engineering, the thing that sets up apart, we delivered 17 new designs to one company in a single year, its crazy. Americans think out of the box, we are real independent minded, we don’t follow any rules, and when you let people go that away in engineering and say we want to make a great bike but you don’t have to do it like everyone else does. That’s the strength of being American, because we are diverse. Because we are made up of Germans, and French, and Japanese and Africans and everyone else here. We have learned to be flexible and think out of the box. Plus we got all these different minds going in different directions. You know if there is a Japanese way of doing things and its good and you built a great style bike. But note, their engineering is done that way. They perfect things they like to do that. The Germans like to make something no matter how complicated it is, they will get it done.”

Tony Pan 02:03: “The more complicated the better for me.”

Erik Buell 02:05: “Yeah it’s cool for them. And we Americans come up with these nutty ideas. Like an inside out brake or lets put the fuel in the frame and it really works. And that’s the thing that seems like we are the best at. We can invent really radical stuff and we can also finish stuff too because we have this blend of different cultures. We can come out  the box and then make it refined so it’s not just a nutty idea. We also make it procurable and like everything else. So that is the core of this motorcycle and what it is about. And that’s why it handles so incredibly well. Buell’s, they were great handling bikes but they kind of get sorted to the side by the techno people because the engines weren’t technical enough. The engines weren’t really fast bikes and if it was really a fast bike none of that stuff would work. Cause the Honda’s don’t have that and the BMW’s don’t have that. Well finally we have our own engine, dead serious, full bar performance engine and guess what, all that stuff works even with full speed. So that’s kind of what this bike it about, its kind of a celebration and this bike is the first top to bottom is modern.”

Tony Pan 03:17: “I love that you started here back in East Troy, you got the paint done by a local guy adjacent to artisanal, I know him, he’s a good painter. He’s done bikes for you in the past.  You know it’s American bike, when I look at it, it’s a Wisconsin bike. I live in this neighbor hood too, so it’s cool your keeping it home. That’s a cool part too.”

Erik Buell 03:40: “Yeah this is a great state, a lot of people here. Because the background is farm community,  it’s hard working people.”

Tony Pan 03:49: “Good work ethic.”

Erik Buell 03:39: “Good ethic, smart, hardworking. Good combination. And they like mechanical things, they like working on things they aren’t scared to touch it. It’s interesting.”

Tony Pan 04:04: We wish you best of luck we are looking forward to this. And I might be on one of these.”

Erik Buell 04:13: “Alright you’ll have fun I know that. Good seeing you.”

Tony Pan 04:16: “Good seeing you.”