Custom bike builder Tim Scates gives us a close-up look at his custom bike that was shown at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show.

00:18 – Tim Scates: Hello, my name is Tim Scates, I’m from Houston, Texas. This is a custom built bike that I built for myself. It’s a custom frame. The twisted part of the frame is from the 1800’s. It has an S&S 88 that I’ve made into a panhead, with a flat end intake and carburetors. It has a wishbone springer front end, custom built handlebars with an internal throttle, no clutch. All the brass pieces are made in house. The grips, the pegs and the wheel spacers all go together. The invaders, the rear wheel is an original invader. The font wheel is a handmade 21 invader to match. The forward controls are hearse floor shifters that I cut and made into the forward controls. There’s engraving throughout the whole bike and it’s a really fun bike and it shows well.

01:16 – Tim Scates: My inspiration is the older builders because back in the 70’s all the bikes had brass, they had gold and they had just wild stuff on them, so this is my tribute to the godfathers of custom bikes. The total build on this bike is probably a year and of course I had to perfect it as I went. I rode it while I was building it so it went from solid rust to paint. It went from no chrome to being chromed out. If you want to check out some of my other builds or some of the stuff that I do, I have an Instagram that’s twisted.bobber, just go look and see what you like.