Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo interviews Bill Davidson at the 2019 Milwaukee Rally Women's Ride that left from the Harley-Davidson Museum.


00:20: (Tony) Hey Tony “Pan” Behind the Handlebars at the beautiful downtown location of the Harley-Davidson museum.  I’m here with Bill Davidson who runs this whole place and he’s here for the start of the women’s ride.  Tell us a little about this ride and what it all means to the factory.

00:33: (Bill) Well, it’s a thrilling moment to see all these ladies come in on their Harley Davidsons down to the museum and ready for this ride this morning.  They got a beautiful day, and I got to tell you Tony, it’s pretty amazing when you look at the Harley Davidson history, and how women have played such a critical role in the history and part of the brand.  I mean, it goes back to the early teens, and back then women riders were really kind of seen as daredevils right?  Now it’s the norm, and we love seeing women out on Harley Davidsons.  Man, it’s awesome.  To see ladies riding Harley Davidsons all over the world, and this segment for Harley Davidson continues to grow, it is really an important segment for Harley Davidson.  We support it 110%.

1:22: (Tony) And it’s one of the fastest demographics that are growing is the woman rider.

1:25: (Bill) Yeah, it really is. It’s been amazing to see the growth, and they love it. I was talking to the ladies this morning and they were all smiling from ear to ear and talking about their bikes and talking about riding, and that just gets me pumped up.

1:39: (Tony) Okay, well good seeing you again Bill.  It is always a pleasure to see you.

1:42: (Bill) Thank you!

1:44: (Tony) And we will watch these women take off for today’s ride.

1:46: (Bill) I’m looking forward to it!

1:50: (Tony) Tony “Pan” Behind the Handle Bars.