Tiger from ABATE of Wisconsin gives us the details about the 2019 Riding Out Winter Party that took place in Milwaukee, WI to raise funds to support motorcycle awareness.

Tiger Beyer, ABATE of Wisconsin: Tonight is ABATE of Wisconsin’s riding out winter party, again we got to be in our 11th/12th year for ABATE of Wisconsin riding out winter party supports our motorcycle rights organization. We’ve got raffles, 50/50s, chicken dinner thanks to Hupy and Abraham for only $5 tonight. Hupy and Abraham helps ABATE so much, helps supporting the buses for us to go to and from Madison. We thank Hupy and Abraham for everything they do for us. All proceeds raised will help us keeping our motorcycles on the road, help us with our never-ending vigilance, the look twice save a life, and teaching the kids in the classroom on our share the road program. We have everybody in attendance here, we have our neighbors, the motorcycle clubs. It’s the entire motorcycle community who comes together for this event to help support ABATE. Looking forward to a great party tonight, we are just getting underway and hopefully we will be doing again next year. Thank you all for coming.