Do you know what commonality Hupy and Abraham, S.C. shares with a local Montessori school? Learn more about the firm's history and Lloyd Barbee Montessori in this video.

Irene 00:05: “Hi! Irene here with Hupy and Abraham and today I'm with Katy Loss from Lloyd Barbee Montessori School and Attorney Hupy of Hupy and Abraham. And I'm going to be asking them a couple of questions before we go on a tour of the school. So Katie what grades do you teach here at the school and how was it founded?”


Katie 00:28 “We have K3 students through sixth-grade students. We were looking for the name of who to name the school after and Lloyd Barbee came up as a champion for educational reform in Milwaukee and with us being a Montessori School and it being an innovative curriculum he seemed like the perfect choice to name the school after”


Irene 00:55 “An uncommon fact about the firm is that we trace our roots back to Lloyd Barbee himself. Attorney Hupy, could you explain a little bit about that and I guess how that happened”


Michael Hupy 01:06 “Sure, I was in high school back in the mid-'60s and that's when Lloyd Barbee started the lawsuit that integrated the Milwaukee Public Schools. Later the law firm evolved two different names, Hupy and Abraham, which is the name of the firm now but we always try to follow in Lloyd Barbee’s footsteps. Part of our mission statement is doing well by doing good and we are involved in many community organizations which we donate to and sponsor whenever we can.”


Katie 01:40 “We're really excited to have you here today, to be able to give you a tour. There are two adults here. the kids in here are three and four-year-olds, staying in the morning and then the 5-year-olds stay all day and they stay with the same teacher for three years. So you can see like these are more of the younger students in there and they're all doing individual stuff. So Miss Meghan's working on small group lessons right now so the kids are being taught on their developmental level again and then once the kids have this lesson then they'll practice it every classroom has a little piece and sew them together.”


Michael Hupy 02:36 “Thank you so much for the tour. I really enjoyed the tour and I'm impressed with what's been done with Lloyd’s name great. Thank you and thanks for coming it was so nice to meet you myself”