00:05 Steve Panten: Hello, my name is Steve Panten and I’m the Legislative Committee Chair for ABATE of Wisconsin. All of these people here are here because they recognize this is the most important day for motorcyclists in the state of Wisconsin. This is the day that we’re going to meet with our legislators, our assembly people and with our senators, and we’re going to talk about motorcycle issues. What’s affecting the motorcyclists in the state of Wisconsin? How can we work with our state legislators to create a safe and enjoyable environment for motorcycling in the state of Wisconsin? Those are some of the things that we’re going to do.

00:38 Steve Panten: We’re going to talk about motorcycle profiling. Law enforcement agencies are profiling motorcyclists. All you have to do is talk to a motorcycle club member and all of a sudden you’re considered part of a gang? So, those are the things we’re going to talk about. We’re also going to talk about being responsible with new technologies that are coming in, as far as autonomous vehicles. We have to be responsible about how we’re going to implement new technologies and make sure that they’re creating a safe environment for all road users including motorcyclists. Already they’re talking about how they can recognize bicycles and pedestrians but they’re not talking about motorcycles. So the future of transportation in the state of Wisconsin is definitely on the line here. Those are the things we’re going to talk about today at Biker Day at the Capitol for ABATE of Wisconsin. Thank you everybody for coming out, it’s a very important day for us.