Hupy and Abraham was a proud sponsor of the 17th Annual Suburban Motors Harley-Davidson Block Fest.

00:05: We're having a great time at Suburban Block fest; Waa Hoo!

00:09: (Todd Berlin) Well today we are having our 17th annual block fest.  It’s an event that we do here at our Thiensville dealership.  And what we do is we have the whole lot, we have bands and vendors, a lot of food just a good time.  The beauty of our event over a lot of the other events is our music is free. All free.  A lot of headliner bands, and it is just a really good time.

The motorcycle season, you know, we like to kick it off April 1st, unfortunately this year, I think it kicked off just three days ago. Due to the weather, a lot of the bikes have been sitting in the garage the past few days.  A lot of stuff is out.  Pretty much loads of stuff, for a really strong end of the summer run for a lot of riding, a lot of fun events are still out there to have.  There is great support from Hupy and Abraham and there are a lot of other supporters and sponsors that allow us to just step it up to a different level.  To where the events were very professional.  We have great bands we have great acts.  The reason we can do it is because we have this wonderful sponsorship that comes with Hupy and Abraham.  We had a great time today; it was an amazing event.  But, looking forward to the next event, the Milwaukee Rally, and get out to some of our races.