Hello Attorney Hupy,

I saw you on the news this past week offering a reward. Thank you for doing this for our community.  I cannot beleive the disregard for human life some have these days.

I also wanted to say Thank You for your Ads in our September ABATE newsletter. I know you're in it each month but there is a Full Page one that is awesome!

And I saw how close we are to another match for $10k to help reduce our Land payments - thank you.

Thanks for also Attending our ABATE meetings. TYou being there shows many how you are a great person for being there.

I will be attending the Meeting of the Minds event in a couple weeks, thank you for helping Sponsor this and many of the ABATE of Wisconsin events/meetings.

Just wanted to say "thanks for everything Michael."

Tiger Beyer
Sponsorship Program Chair
ABATE of Wisconsin