When I was in a car accident and realized I needed an attorney I knew I had to contact Hupy and Abraham. I had received many positive referrals stating they responded immediately, would meet you wherever you felt comfortable and took your case serious. The impression I got was that they would let you know if your case had merit and explain your rights.

I was not disappointed. Upon contacting their office to share my story, that evening an attorney from Hupy and Abraham met me in my home. In spite of my damaged car and physical pain, I had reservations about filing a suit because it seems people file lawsuits for everything. Hupy and Abraham was sensitive to my concern, never pushing or sounding like a "money hungry" "get all you can get" law firm.

I was provided a clear understanding of the process to filing a lawsuit, the perimeters of my case, and what options I had. Hupy and Abraham made me feel confident in my case and was quite reassuring. During my discussions with Hupy and Abraham as my case progressed, they made me feel like I was part of a family. I was kept up to date, my inquiries were answered promptly and Hupy and Abraham would call from time to time to check on me as I had to receive medical treatments for a few months.

When my case became a tug-of-war so to say, Hupy and Abraham did not quit on me or force me to settle right away. They were patient with me and eased any anxiety I might have had. When Hupy and Abraham on my case I was very pleased with the outcome. I have referred many people to Hupy and Abraham and they have been served well also.

I will continue to make referrals to Hupy and Abraham.


ReDonna Rodgers