I would like to Thank You for being there for me in the Summer of 2003. You guys put my life back on track after a semi took a left turn in front of me, wiping out me and my motorcycle.

I have created a new life for myself because I don't remember my life before the accident. Thanks to you guys you got my medical bills paid and started me out on the long road to my new life. I was able to recreate 50 years of my company I now call Wisconsin Karni-Pier. I have also created a non-profit organization called riders Down. This organization is for motorcyclists who are less fortunate and to tell all the other drivers that share the road with motorcycles to slow down and acknowledge there're there. Motorcyclists deserve respect on the road just like everyone else.

Thank you Hupy and Abraham for helping me on my second opportunity to have another change at having a happy and successful life. A business relationship was not the only thing that was created between us, I would say we now have a great friendship and I will always remember the phrase "we'll always be there for you!"

Jason if I ever need anything again I will not hesitate to come and talk to you, Thanks so much Hupy and Abraham.

Scott Perzentka