When Joel was hit by a car on his motorcycle, he sustained major injuries to his left foot. The injuries to his foot were so traumatic and severe, the lower leg had to be amputated.

I knew that I was going to need help, so that's when I called Hupy and Abraham. I mean it was an obvious choice. Everybody know they're the motorcycle attorneys, they've got your back, they know where you're coming from, they understand your experience, they've been there, and they're going to give you the best help and representation you can have.

My first day in the hospital I contacted Hupy and Abraham. Shortly thereafter, an investigator came to my hospital room, took down my story, shared a whole bunch of life stories that he's experienced with other people in accidents and similar situations. So from day one, I felt at comfort knowing that I was with somebody who had my back, that was going to be there, and that understood.

We got my motorcycle in for an estimate; it was totaled, so he handled everything. All I had to do was work and focus on my recovery and stay in touch with Drew. Everything worked out very quickly in regards to motorcycle.

I can call and ask for somebody, and say who I am by my first name and when I get them on the phone, they know who I am. I'm not just another number or a case file. I feel like a person who's actually got people looking out for me and I am being well represented.

My medical insurance was a little bit difficult about covering my prosthetic leg, which is kind of a bummer. When you lose your foot, you need a prosthetic leg. Living my life in a wheelchair or on crutches was not an option. When my medical insurance company initially denied my claim and didn't want to cover it which made absolutely no sense to me.

I had to make phone calls to the insurance company, my insurance broker had to make calls to the insurance company.

And Jennifer Canovan, her heart broke when she heard what I was going through. She got involved. She made phone calls to the insurance company. She stayed in contact with me, she stayed in contact with my insurance broker, she stayed in contact with my insurance company. Throughout all of it, it was a little scary. It was a crazy situation, where you're thinking 'wow, here I am. I've got this prosthesis and suddenly it's out of your hands because of an insurance complication."

But Hupy and Abraham were there behind me, and within two weeks it was ironed out. My insurance company covered what I need, and now I have my leg. I'm back on track, taking steps, walking, and doing things that I wasn't able to do prior.

The biggest help that I think I received was emotionally and mentally. It's a very harrowing thing to go through, and when you have that sort of help behind you, it just makes all the difference.

I can't just sit on the couch all day with my leg laying there. I have to put it on, wear it, get used to it, and just adapt. And it's going wonderfully.

Joel Goltry