Incredible news! All your hard work has paid off. The credit union just called and they got the check already from the insurance company to pay the loan on the car. They not only got the check but the insurance agent delivered it in person. The manager at the credit union has never seen that happen before. Not only did that happen today but I also received the check from the insurance company for the substitution of the rental car.

Before I contacted Hupy and Abraham it seemed like the process of compensation and disposal of my car just stalled. From the time you got involved things moved fast. You negotiated the final disposal settlement on the car which was more than I expected, you lined up the rental car then ultimately everything was paid. I sent you an e-mail late one evening and did not expect to get an answer until the next day when you went in to the office and within a few minutes I had an answer. The kind of personal service from a corporation is very impressive. They can be very proud to have dedicated personnel on their staff.

On the front side I did not want to deal with the insurance company because as a private individual they don't seem to get things done in a timely manner. After I started getting frustrated is when I made the call to Hupy and Abraham and I am glad that I did. The process will continue but all your work on the claim is finished and I appreciate it very much.

Thank you again for all your work and it was a pleasure working with you.


J. Pfeiffer