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To Our Supporters at Hupy and Abraham, S.C.,

On behalf of Hogs for Heroes. Inc., I would like to thank you for your donation in support of our non-profit organization. Your support fully directs every penny of your donation to our next Bike and Veteran pairing. 

One bike at a time. One Hero at a time.

That's both our motto and our approach. Your generosity puts us that much closer to the gifting of another new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to an injured Wisconsin Veteran rider in need of the therapy of the road. There is a long-standing tie between our military, its service members and the benefits of riding. We believe the freedom of the open road, the pride in ownership and the collegiality of riders can provide therapeutic value to those Veterans who have long enjoyed the passion for riding and now find themselves without means or ability to do so. It is our hope that in awarding a new Harley we not only make the rough road a little smoother for a returning Hero, but that we also convey a collective message of gratitude from our donors for their service contributions, and sacrifices made, while protecting our country and freedoms.

It is important you know we will keep your full donation focused directly on purchasing our next bike. Our Veterans deserve that. As we get closer to selecting our next Hero and the subsequent gifting celebration, we promise to keep you posted!

Again, thank you for your support and the difference you are making in the life of a deserving Wisconsin Veteran. 

Warmest regards, 

Kevin Thompson, President

Hogs for Heroes, Inc.