Regarding Hupy and Abraham,

As a motorcycle rider of over four decades it means a lot to watch Hupy and Abraham avidly promote their campaign “Watch For Motorcycles.” In 2009, after becoming a motorcycle accident statistic, the words took on an even deeper meaning. A distracted teenage driver changed my world forever because “he didn’t see me.”

With ever-growing distractions in our “plugged in” world, the job of making the public more aware of motorcycle riders increases daily. Hupy and Abraham knows it’s an ongoing battle. Despite the fact that Hupy and Abraham has successfully represented thousands of motorcyclists, they continue to work diligently to reduce the number of accidents through awareness. In my book, that’s nothing less than a class act.

When I needed an attorney to protect and guide me through the unfamiliar world of an accident settlement, Hupy and Abraham were the only ones that came to mind. Throughout the area where I live, cars and motorcycles proudly display “Watch For Motorcycles” stickers.

Motorcycle enthusiasts and their families appreciate that Hupy and Abraham annually spend tens of thousands of dollars to spread the “Watch for Motorcycles” message.


J. Giovannoni