Regarding Hupy and Abraham,

As a Brand Ambassador for the firm, I have been personally involved in Hupy and Abraham's extensive efforts to reach out to the community. In addition to protecting riders' rights in court, the firm actively promotes motorcycle awareness through a 'Watch For Motorcycles' campaign and is a true proponent of the rider lifestyle.

At community events, I've passed out copious 'Watch For Motorcycles' bumper stickers, pens, key chains and wallet cards to spread the message. I've watched our message proliferate throughout WI and neighboring states where like-minded individuals proudly placed our bumper clings onto their cars. I've witnessed firsthand how grateful riders throughout the Milwaukee community are to know that Hupy and Abraham is advocating for them. In passing out these materials, countless riders shared their personal Hupy and Abraham experiences with me, and gave blowing reviews of the outcomes in court.

For several years, I've personally been a part of the firm's effort to reach out to the rider community and had a blast at big events like the Milwaukee Rally and the Harley 110th. It's been great to work with the premier pro-rider law firm that defends riders' rights to the point that Atty. Michael Hupy has helped change legislation on riders' behalf. Hupy and Abraham is unequivocally the best when it comes to truly caring about riders and taking the lead to ensure that their rights are preserved individually, as well as via legislative efforts.

It's refreshing to see how Hupy and Abraham takes a proactive stance in trying to prevent motorcycle accidents as well as helping out accident victims. If there is anything I'm absolutely certain of, it's the integrity and caring which accompanies each case, no matter how big or small it may be. This is priceless, rare, and what sets Hupy and Abraham apart from their competition.


N. Stevic