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Hello & greetings Michael, Jason, Chad, and all of Hupy & Abraham, SC;

I want to say Thank You very much for Donating the Chicken Dinners at our Ridin' Out Winter Party on 2/24/18.  The party was a great, fun, successful event -  and greatly because of you Paying for the Chicken Dinners there.  They were awesome this year - I went around the Hall asking tables of people eating, how are the dinners?  Everyone loved them and I said Thanks to Hupy & Abraham for them. 

American Serb Hall is under new management the last 6 plus months.  For us to continue to hold our ABATE of Wisconsin fundraiser there, they had an increase of charges on everything for this party.  Everything went way up in price to us; beer, soda, etc.  chicken dinners were another item that went way up, and it is one of the "guarantees" we have with Serb Hall, for us to hold our ROWP there.  That we will "buy" the 200 dinners.  They were great, and this party was great because of You!!!   Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Thank you so very much for continuing to support this organization I love so much. Very much appreciated.

Tiger Beyer / Region Rep Milw County, ABATE of Wisconsin