Hupy and Abraham Testimonial

This is directed at Mr. Hupy… I am Aaron Henning’s mother and just wanted to thank you for taking a personal interest in my son's case. Aaron is currently sitting idle when he would really rather be working. I am concerned about my son and wanted to share with you about that concern. This occurred through no fault of his own. He’s not looking for sympathy or fame. He’s more complex then he appears… a very introspective kind of person. I pray you will continue to provide all necessary counsel to not only Aaron but all those who have suffered because common sense wasn’t considered in the design of these tram tracks. Other countries have instituted a similar system, but they are kept separate from not only road traffic, but pedestrians as well. I hate to see my son suffering over something as stupid as this... our lives have not always been very easy. Thanks for your time, and again your presence in my son’s life as this journey continues.


Beth C. Roach, mother of client hit by streetcar