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Bellevue, Wisconsin, is a progressive community in Brown County. Prior to 2003, Bellevue was a town, but in 2003 it incorporated as a village. Today, it is one of the fastest growing communities in Brown County. It has four major highways that make it easy to commute into Green Bay. Yet the village is committed to maintaining a small-town feeling while continuing its strategic growth as part of the Green Bay Metropolitan area.

The name Bellevue is taken from the French words for beautiful view, which accurately describes the village’s 242 acres of parkland and 86 acres of conservation land. It is a comfortable place to live, to work, and to enjoy recreational activities—unless an accident happens.

What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Bellevue Accident

A motor vehicle crash, an accident on someone else’s property, or any other type of accident can leave you injured. Your first priority should be to get medical attention. This will serve three purposes. First, it will allow the doctors to help you manage your current pain. Second, it will allow doctors to diagnose and treat your condition so that you can recover to the greatest extent possible. Finally, it will provide important evidence if you decide to take legal action against the person whose negligence caused your injury.

You may have significant medical bills, you may be out of work, and you may be suffering. The law may allow you to recover for these damages if someone else caused them. However, you need to take the first step by demanding a fair recovery.

One of the ways to take that first step is to contact our experienced personal injury lawyers. Our goal is to help you make the unique recovery that you deserve based on the specific injuries that you suffered. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you are treated fairly.

For more information, please call us or contact us via this website to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. At the time of our meeting, we invite you to come to our conveniently located Green Bay office.

Green Bay Office Directions

Bellevue Driving Directions

  • Taking I 43 S.
  • Using the right two lanes to take Exit 180 for WI 172 W toward US 41/Airport/A. Straubel.
  • Continuing on to WI 172 W.
  • Taking the exit toward WI 32/Oneida St/Ashland Avenue.
  • Keeping left at the fork, following signs for Pilgrim Way and merging onto Pilgrim Way.
  • Continuing on Pilgrim Way.
  • Turning left on S Oneida Street.
  • Turning right on Hansen Road.
  • Turning left on Ramada Way.

Our office will be on your right: 2830 Ramada Way, Suite #100, Green Bay, WI.

We have teamed up with Hupy and Abraham for nearly 7 years to support Wisconsin's rider Community through our Wisco riders Resource Guide. They are also always willing to lend a hand with our annual, WISCO rider Rally & Music Festival with their presence and sponsorship. It's always great when you can partner up with a company or organization that understands the importance of the motorcycle community and goes above and beyond supporting this group of folks however and whenever possible. Kudos to Hupy & Abraham for always standing up for (and) behind Wisconsin riders!
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Date published: 07/4/2015
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