Certain types of equipment on vehicles in Gurnee are subject to special laws. You can find this information in 2012 Illinois Rules of the Road, which is published by the office of the Illinois Secretary of State; for your convenience, Gurnee drivers, here are the regulations for nonstandard equipment and oversize loads.

Projecting Loads

Loads that extend four feet or more behind a vehicle must be marked with a red flag during the day. A red light that is visible for 500 feet must be on the vehicle at night or when visibility is poor, such as in heavy fog or a snowstorm.


  • Back-up Lights:
    A vehicle may have one or more backup lights, but the lights may not be on when the vehicle is moving forward.
  • Spotlights:
    Only one spotlight is allowed on a vehicle, and the total amount of lights must not be more than four 300-candlepower lights. Spotlights may not be pointed to the left or more than 100 feet ahead when approaching another vehicle.
  • Flashing or Moving Lights:
    For all vehicles other than police or other emergency vehicles, flashing or moving lights are prohibited.
  • Red Lights:
    For non-emergency vehicles, red lights that are visible from the front are prohibited.
  • Running Board Lights:
    A vehicle may have no more than one running board light on each side, and they must be nonglare white or amber.
  • Cowl or Fender Lamps:
    No more than two nonglare white or amber lights may be on a vehicle.

Studded Tires

Pneumatic tires with metal studs are prohibited on all vehicles except the following:

  • Vehicles used by mail carriers in rural areas between November 15 and April 1.
  • Vehicles with “Persons with Disabilities” or “Disabled Veteran” plates between November 15 and April 1. The vehicle owner must live on a county or township road in an unincorporated area.
  • Agricultural tractors or traction engines.
  • Agricultural machinery used for agricultural towing.
  • Road-building machinery moving less than 10 miles per hour.


Televisions that can be seen from the driver’s seat are prohibited in all vehicles.

Antique Vehicles

Vehicles more than 25 years old have special rules for lamps, brakes, stop lights, and turn signals. These rules may be obtained from the Secretary of State’s office by calling 800-252-8980.

Radar Detectors

Possession and use of radar jammers is illegal in all vehicles. Radar detectors are prohibited in commercial vehicles.

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