Saturday, March 14, 2015, was the Pinewood Derby benefiting the Boy Scout Pack of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Other local businesses participated in the event to help solidify the derby as a new annual occasion. Hupy and Abraham sponsored the event for the second year, while the local Lions Club donated prizes for the raffle. The derby’s headlining activity had local firefighters race members of the Boy Scout troop.

Program organizers thanked Hupy and Abraham for its sponsorship of the derby event and the firm’s materials were passed out to the boys and their families. This year’s derby was also an opportunity to reconnect with a special member of the Hupy and Abraham community, Cole Vandervest.

Boy scout Cole Vandervest at Pinewood Derbby with raffles
In 2014, Hupy and Abraham gave a monetary donation in Cole's name.

Cole was born with an enlarged kidney and had several surgeries when his condition worsened to the point of potentially needing a transplant. Last year, at the age of 7, Cole was in doctors’ offices every two to three weeks for medical testing.

His family was cautious about letting him join certain extracurricular activities to make sure no additional injuries developed. They took a chance by enrolling him in the Cub Scouts. For Cole, the Cub Scouts allowed him to be part of a group, since he could not participate in contact sports.

At an event fundraiser, Cole distributed Hupy and Abraham’s “Watch For Motorcycles” kickstand coasters by initiating interactions with dozens of men and women; a feat that not many would attempt at his age. Despite facing so many challenges throughout his short life, Cole is known as a shining light in his troop.

Fortunately, Cole’s heath has improved over the last year. Frequent doctors’ visits have been reduced to biannual checkups, and he no longer needs a kidney transplant. Cole has also advanced to a Bear Scout and his confidence is growing every day.

In 2014, the firm gave a donation to the scout troop in Cole’s name. Ambitious young men in scouting are part of society’s future. Investing in programs like the Cub Scouts helps to guarantee a degree of later success. 

Hupy and Abraham has supported the Boy Scouts of America in many other ways, including raising over $60,000 for a local troop. Hupy and Abraham has given more than $500,000 to worthwhile organizations in the past three years.


Cole’s mother, Michele Vandervest shared her heartfelt thanks about this year’s derby:

“Hupy and Abraham’s generous donation provided cars for the scouts, helped purchase the prize trophies and the wood to create car award stands that the Pack will be able to use for many, many years.              

We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation as well as the t-shirts. The boys are truly blessed to have companies such as yours donate so that they can enjoy activities  like the Pinewood Derby and Badger Honor Flight.”

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham