Hupy and Abraham is Dishing Out for Double Plays This Baseball Season

Hupy and Abraham is excited to announce its partnership with the Brewer’s Radio Network to benefit Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin through donations for double plays this season. Hupy and Abraham will be “dishing out” $100 for every double play, which will go toward donating meals for those in need. Each double play sponsored by the firm will allow Feeding America to provide up to 400 meals.

To keep track of how many meals Hupy and Abraham has sponsored this season, head to Hupy and Abraham’s homepage on to view our Double Play Dishes Donated. You can also head to our social media pages to see frequent updates on the number of meals donated! Be sure to tune in to the Brewer’s Radio Network each game so you can cheer on our hometown team and catch every double play this season.

As a longtime sponsor of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Hupy and Abraham is proud to have Feeding America as their 2023 Employee Chosen Charity. Additionally, Hupy and Abraham and their employees have volunteered with Feeding America and helped sort hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for families in need. The firm has also raised thousands of dollars for the organization during the annual “Food from the Bar” competition, where local law firms compete to raise money for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

More About Feeding America

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin is an independent and local nonprofit organization. This organization funds local programs only, meaning every dollar donated stays right here in our local community. But as a member of the national network of 200 Feeding America food banks, they have access to donated product and additional resources that make them a stronger, more effective food bank.  

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham