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Read on to see how to keep your laundromat trip safe from your personal injury attorneys in Madison.

You went in for clean clothes. You came out with a broken ankle.

Laundromats are, unfortunately, the setting for many Wisconsin slip and fall accidents. Madison laundromat slip and falls are associated with sprains, broken bones, back injuries, and head injuries.

However, many of these laundromat injuries can be prevented. Like all property owners, Madison laundromat owners have a legal duty to protect the public from likely injuries. This means that dangerous conditions such as leaking washing machines or soap spills should be repaired, or a warning sign should be posted letting the public know that these dangerous exist.

Tips for a Safe Laundromat

  • There should be adequate lighting both inside and outside of the laundromat so customers can see any obvious hazards.
  • Sidewalks and flooring should be well maintained to prevent slips and falls.
  • Sidewalks and entryways should be clear of snow and ice.
  • There should be a non-slip mat inside the entry to prevent bad weather slip and falls.
  • Washing machines should be well maintained so they do not leak.
  • When washing machines leak, the water should be cleaned up immediately. Wet floor signs should be posted, and the washing machine should be labeled as out-of-order until it can be repaired.
  • Spills are common in laundromats. A staff person should watch for detergent spills and immediately place safety cones to warn customers.
  • Spills or leaks should be cleaned up thoroughly and in a timely manner.

A laundromat owner or manager who allows unsafe conditions on his property is negligent and may be held liable if an injury occurs.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Wisconsin laundromat slip and fall, please contact Hupy and Abraham at 1- 888-277-4879. Our personal injury attorneys in Madison may be able to help you get compensation for your medical bills and more. The initial consultation is always free.

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