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Some smokers who wanted to live a healthier life turned to Chantix to help them quitIf you tried to stop smoking with Chantix call a Wisonsin drug injury lawyer, you may be entitled to compensation. smoking. However, the healthier life they were seeking was not to be found in this medication. Sadly, many Chantix patients thought they were taking a safe drug to help them stop smoking and live longer, but took their own lives by committing suicide.

Multiple claims have been filed against the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, maker of Chantix, alleging that the dangerous anti-smoking drug was supposed to kick a deadly habit but caused death instead.

Currently, Pfizer is denying the allegations in the lawsuits, but the first trials have been set for October 22, 2012, and January 22, 2013. These are the first wrongful death lawsuits against Pfizer that will be going to trial, and our Milwaukee pharmaceutical class action attorneys will be watching closely to report on the Chantix lawsuit outcomes.

Why You Should Call a Wisconsin Drug Injury Lawyer 

Our firm is currently handling defective drug cases due to the harmful side effects of Chantix. If you were harmed or experienced depression, erratic behavior, or other physical side effects—such as heart problems while taking Chantix—then you may be entitled to compensation.  Additionally, if your loved one died from suicide because he or she was depressed while on Chantix, or even died shortly after discontinuing its use, your family should find out more about a Chantix wrongful death lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. 

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