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Going to the doctor should be an event where you can expect positive results. Doctors prescribe medication that is supposed to make your ailments better. It can be devastating to your health when you are prescribed a drug that has extreme side effects.

For many patients, that devastating medicine was Fosamax.

Fosamax is a drug that is prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis. This drug has been known to cause osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), a serious complication that is not exactly what patients expected to deal with when taking a drug that is supposed to help. Jaw necrosis is often associated with pain, swollen gums, degeneration of the jaw, and bone exposure.

Those who suffer from ONJ must seek treatment in order to help the condition. The first thing that you should do after being diagnosed with ONJ is quit taking your Fosamax. Typical treatment for ONJ includes:

  • Medication. Drugs such Motrin are taken to help alleviate some of the pain that is associated with ONJ. Antibiotics may also be necessary to treat any infections that develop.
  • Stretching. Stretching exercises targeted for the temporomandibular joints may help to keep them functional and increase their range of motion.
  • Electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation can promote bone growth. If this process is begun before the bone collapses, it may help prevent ONJ from progressing.
  • Surgery. The majority of those who suffer from ONJ will eventually require surgery. There are several types of surgery that may be performed to treat ONJ.

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