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Our attorneys hear the same story over and over again:  I have been injured in an accident.  I have lost a loved one.  My insurance company will not agree to pay enough to cover my expenses, for ongoing medical care and the replacement of my car or motorcycle.

Does this sound too familiar?  If so you are not alone.  Thousands of people in Wisconsin battle with their insurance companies after an accident.  You are injured and struggling to recover, to pay bills, to keep you home, yet just when you need them, when you expect them to help, your insurance company does not to give you the compensation you deserve.

How can this happen?  How is this allowed?  The truth of the matter is that too often insurance companies and their employees work harder to maintain their profits than to take care of you after an accident.  Though you can and should file a complaint with the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance you may need additional help.

To help you both before and after an accident our lawyers have put together the free book, Secrets Your Insurance Agent Won't Tell you About Buying Motorcycle or Car Insurance.  To request this money and headache saving book please click here.

If you need legal advice after your car or motorcycle accident please contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Hupy & Abraham today for your free consultation.  We have been fighting for the rights of the injured for over 30 years; let us fight for you.      

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